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India nabs suspected terror leaders

Thabo Mbeki resigns S. Africa presidency, Jacob Zuma may succeed

Asif Ali Zardari becomes Pakistan's new president

Refugee camp of exiled Iranians in Iraq may be turned over to Iraq

Saudi Arabia bans sales of pets, forbids walking pets in public

123 former Saddam intelligence and security officers reinstated

UN votes to end UNMEE buffer zone force between Ethiopia and Eritrea



Obama on 60 Minutes DVD


Just stop reading

I have decided that they just are not worth it anymore. Karl Rove and Ann Coulter. Just stop reading their articles. The Wall Street Journal has a headline of Karl Rove calling Obama divisive. Why do these people try to re-write history? His boss, President Bush, could not have polarized the country more. For this man to call President Obama divisive is just plain wrong.  The Republicans have a chance to regroup, to change, and work with the President and Democrats. But they refuse to do so. They hold on to old ways and petty politics. Its amazing that these people see no benefit in giving the President a chance to succeed. If he fails they win, but to fight him every step of the way and resort to the fear of the past is wrong and will help them lose elections in the near future. But for Rove, who I think is a campaign genius, much like his predecessor Lee Atwater, but he is not very skilled in directing bipartisanship. Even Atwater recalled before his early death that it was wrong to be bitter and we all needed to work together for a better America. As for Coulter, its just hopeless. She is so far out of the mainstream, I really don't thing anyone pays attention except the far right fringe that find her appealing.


Republican response: more of the past

Jindal reminds country why we elected Obama president. He reminds us of the failed policies of the former Bush administration and failed Republican congress.  Just disregard the government. Do what you want, we don't need "big government" and government regulation.  This same attitude has crushed the stock market, destroyed our budget and sent our country to the brink of a depression.  bobby you may want to run for president in 2012 but your party faces further defeats to come if you don't wake up and see that the American people are screaming for help and guidance.


More job cuts announced

For the week of Dec. 8th we have the Tribune Company considering bankruptcy, Anheuser-Busch InBev announcing 1400 job cuts, Adobe cut 600, Sony to cut 8,000 and Dow Chemical cutting 11% of its workforce to add to the ever increasing job losses in the US.  Now maybe the time to start your own online or home business. For advice on how to start and what type of company you should create, visit The Law Offices of William D. Bonilla, P.C. for a free consultation. Gain free access to useful tools to start your own business at business section.


Observations of 2008 election

Its interesting as we approach the final days of the 2008 campaign that we have states like West Virginia with 2 US Senators that are both Democrats and a Democratic Governor yet the state is leaning Republican for President. And the ironic part is that Senator Byrd will be casting his vote for a black President, given his living history during the 1960s and civil rights.


Why do we fear taxes?

The Fox News headline reads "Biden: Be Patriotic, Pay More Taxes" and of course Fox viewers pounced on his comments. However if you actually read the article, it states that under Obama's tax plan only the wealthiest Americans may have to pay more taxes. But isn't what Biden saying true? If we are in fact a country "at war" like the President keeps reminding us, would it not be more patriotic to pay more taxes? Most people, wealthy or not, do all we can to avoid paying as many taxes as possible. I guess the reality is most people don't have to money to pay since gas prices are high , local taxes for schools seems ever increasing and the mortgage crisis. Then again we need better schools, we are fighting a never ending fight against terror, and our roads and bridges are in desperate need of repairs. Then you add the natural disasters that hit the country, hurricane Ike most recently, California wildfires, earthquakes, floods, tornados etc. Yet we as Americans still shy away from paying taxes. So who has the money to help? Fox news viewers don't want to take away from the rich based on comments made on its web site. So who then do we turn to? The Chinese? The Saudis? As we have seen over the past 8 years if the American people don't pay up then America will be more beholden than ever on foreign investment. Where is the outcry on all the foreign governments that control America's debt? We complain about foreign oil but does anyone realize who the Treasury sells our bonds to? We better wake up as a people and realize that old saying from the movies, its time to take care of our own backyard, our own backyard!


For the latest in intelligence news and resource links visit www.TheGoodCo.US an American web site regarding intelligence news and agencies from around the world.


On a lighter note, Paris Hilton ups McCain

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